Build Business Credit With An Aged Shelf Company For A Competitive Advantage

16 Year Old Montana Shelf Corporation For $2800

Why Consider A Shelf Corporation? Why Montana?

Why Choose Montana For Shelf Corporations Or Shelf LLC’s?

  • Annual state filing fee is only $20 per year.
  • Respect for property rights.
  • Build corporate credit.
  • Business friendly state known for good, clean business.

​A key issue in selecting any shelf corporation is maintenance cost. Why Montana? Only $20 per year in state fees! This is much lower than maintaining a shelf corporation from Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming.

Montana Shelf Corporations: Build Corporate Credit For Less

  • Asset Protection.
  • Limited liability
  • Increase bidding opportunities
  • Instant credibility
  • Gain confidence with customers
  • Exude stability and strength


  • Six (6) year old shelf corporation for $1800

  • Registered Agent Service $75

Compare shelf corporations from Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming and Montana. All of our corporations are clean, filed in-house, and maintained properly. Shelf corporations are just as any other corporation in terms of doing business, obtaining financing, or accessing bidding opportunities. Ask yourself this about a shelf corporation; Is the shelf corporation free of liabilities? Is the corporation free of back taxes? Clean shelf corporations have no EIN, and no bank account. A Montana shelf corporation is the best choice.

Nevada Shelf Corporations Delaware Shelf Corporations Wyoming Shelf Corporations Montana Shelf Corporations
Annual State Fees: $650 Annual State Fees: $125 Annual State Fees: $60 Annual State Fees: $20
Moderate respect for property rights. State business license requires DOB, SSN, and percentage of ownership. Nevada sells their information to database companies. Managers are public. Complete management and ownership information is sold from the State of Nevada. Delaware is best for for big business (IBM,, Fortune 500 companies). Small business and family business is best served by Wyoming and Montana. High respect for property rights. High respect for property rights.
$500 for the annual business license.
$150 for annual list of officers.Filing fees due to increase.
Franchise tax $125 per year, due by March 1 every year. Annual report due every year, $60 fee. Due on the first of the month, on the anniversary month of the company. Annual report due every year, $20 fee, due before April 15 every year. Easy to remember.
Directors and Officers are public record and easily accessed online. Directors and Officers are public record and easily accessed online during regular business hours. Directors and Officers are found on public record, and free. If you pay a fee, the Directors and Officers are on public record record, and accessible online.

What’s A Shelf Corporation?

A shelf corporation is a company that was prepared, filed and maintained for years before its acquired. It’s aged like wine.

Why A Shelf Corporation?

A shelf corporation provides the following advantages:

  • Increase credibility
  • Bidding opportunities
  • Customer, clients, vendors and investors prefer to do business with a company that’s done business for several years rather than several weeks.
  • Age represents experience and stability
  • Lenders prefer to extend credit to companies that are at least two years old rather than two weeks old.
  • Clients prefer to buy and contract with companies that will be there next year.
  • No need to wait two years to build corporate credit
  • Protect assets with an aged shelf corporation. Limited liability is asset protection.

How Much Is A Shelf Corporation?

We offer six year old shelf corporations for under $1800. We make it up in volume.

Can I Obtain Corporate Credit With A Shelf Corporation?

It’s unusual to obtain more than $100,000 in corporate credit with an aged shelf corporation. Lines of credit vary greatly depending on the purpose of the loan, the business plan, the bank, who is reviewing the loan application at the bank, and the Paydex score of the company.

These Are The Two Groups Of Aged Shelf Corporation:

  • The shelf corporation is safe from unseen liabilities, or potential problems.
  • There’s no EIN. An EIN is obtained at no cost from the IRS.
  • No bank account
  • No history of business transactions. This makes the company safe. A company with no business history is a company with no risk of fraudulent tax returns, no history of bad deals, and no creditors.
  • No back taxes, litigation or other problems. A clean aged company means that you can build a future with a solid company.
  • Requires work on the part of the buyer because the company is a clean slate
  • Buyer must build the corporate credit profile of the company.
  • It looks easy when acquiring a shelf corporation with corporate credit, EIN and a bank account. Appearances are deceiving.
  • Who would sell any company, after two or three years, after establishing credit and accounts? A business owner that’s going out of business.
  • What do businesses, that are going out of business, have in common? They owe money, taxes, or both. Why take a risk with a bankrupt company? This is no way to start your enterprise.
  • There’s no pay off. DNB resets the corporate credit to zero, in 90 days, after you acquire any company with established credit.

How Do I Get An Employer Identification Number For A Shelf Corporation?

A shelf corporation is like any other corporation.  You don’t treat them differently.  When you apply for the EIN, make certain you state the correct date the business started.  The date started is the date you bought the company from us.  It is not the incorporation date of the company.  To obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your aged shelf corporation, apply here:,,id=102767,00.html

The application is free. The EIN is necessary to file your taxes and to open a bank account.

All Montana companies need a registered agent. That registered agent must be in Montana. If you don’t live in Montana, then you must acquire a Montana registered agent to keep the company in good standing.

The best shelf corporations are found in Montana, New Mexico, and Wyoming. This is because ownership information is not requested, nor shared. You would then be considered the first owner of the corporation. Why is this important? When someone is registered as an owner of the company, and the company is sold, then lenders consider that as a “reset” of the age of the company. For some reason, DNB and lenders doesn’t like when the company changes hands. If your state requires business licenses, disclosing the owners, and you buy a shelf corporation in your home state, then the age of the company is reset.

You’re better off obtaining a shelf corporation from either Montana, Wyoming, or New Mexico, and filing the company in your home state. The company is then expanding into the state you intend to do business. Since you are the first owner of the shelf corporation, then the age of the corporation is retained.

If you’re seeking privacy, Montana is the same as Wyoming, New Mexico and Delaware.

Banking in Nevada is difficult and troublesome because of the transients and the widespread fraud.

Nevada is famous for legalized cannabis, legalized prostitution, transients, crime, illegal drugs, violence, organized crime, gangs, and cash based businesses to support the gambling industry. That’s why banks take a closer look at Nevada companies. To avoid this problem, avoid Nevada corporations or Nevada LLC’s.

Likewise, the audit rate for Nevada corporations is four times the annual average for the same company elsewhere. This is because Nevada continues to promote that they have information sharing agreement with the IRS. What is the truth? Nevada sells their information to database companies, which sells the data to the IRS. And what does it matter to you? Acquiring a shelf corporation and building corporate credit requires that your name is on the company. It requires that you’re the applicant for the EIN and the applicant for the bank account. There’s no privacy from the IRS. And yet, promoters of Nevada corporations still tout this bogus benefit.

Nevada is known for gambling, prostitution, mining and tourism. Montana and Wyoming are known for oil and gas, ranching, agriculture, national defense and a pro-business atmosphere. Nevada is deep in debt. Montana and Wyoming are in great financial shape.

You must file and pay state income taxes in the state in which the business is conducted. If you intend to do business in California with a Montana shelf corporation, then you would file the Montana shelf corporation in California. Although the California filing is new, the age of the shelf corporation is preserved. Banks prefer to see you as the Director, President, Treasurer, Vice President, and Secretary, and an address where the officers are located. Please check with your tax advisor.

Our Montana shelf corporations are not posted online to protect the interests of our clients.  Request a list of shelf corporations here.

Obtain a MT telephone number by reaching CENTURYLINK.COM. Ask for a market expansion line. This is a business line installed at the telephone company. No onsite installation is required. Calls are forwarded to your landline or cell phone.

Montana Resources For Montana Shelf Corporations And Montana LLC’s

Why Build Corporate Credit For Your Shelf Corporation And Shelf LLC.

  • Corporate credit scores–Paydex
  • Improve corporate credit scores
  • Building corporate credit
  • Instant credibility
  • Instant history
  • Access to bidding opportunities

Key Problems To Avoid When Buying An Aged Shelf Corporations

  • Avoid a shelf corporation with established credit. The corporate credit is wiped clean when the shelf company changes hands. The shelf company may also be subject to unseen debts and liabilities, or back taxes. When buying a shelf company, the entity should have no EIN, no bank account, and no established credit.
  • Avoid shelf corporations filed in Delaware, Nevada and other states where the filing fees are high, and maintenance expenses are too high.
  • Avoid anyone who claims to match you with established corporate credit at unrealistic amounts. Some claim to provide clients with corporate credit over $200,000. This is unrealistic. Anything over $100,000 in corporate credit is unrealistic.

Basic Questions

  • Filing of a new corporation
  • Filing of a new LLC
  • Obtaining an EIN
  • Open bank account
  • Filing in your state
  • Obtaining a business license
  • Protecting assets in the company
  • How to save what you earn

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